Poker is basically a betting game, widely played in casinos. Few people prefer to play it play outside the casino too. It is a very interesting card game. If you are a beginner to this, do not worry yourself, it’s easy to learn and can be played normally with friends too. There are few rules which you should get aware yourself from. A different version of this game has several distinct rounds.

Few examples are:

Pref lop round of betting is widely played among all. Betting after the flop just after dealing with three community card; a turn comes after the fourth and a river comes after fifth community cards. At last, the betting stops when either a player has matched or folded. A new betting round begins after this again following the same set of rules.

There various types of flush in Poker Online as well as normal games:

  • A royal flush which contains a single suit containing all the royal flush i.e., a series of the ace, king, queen, jack, ten. If a player has this, it will be unbeatable by any other player.

  • A sequential series of same suit five cards is called as a straight flush. It can be tied up between players and the tiebreaker will be, a player carrying higher digit number will win.

    Poker Online
    Poker Online
  • A series of four same digit card is a kicker. This is another type of flush and in case of a tie, a player carrying a higher digit series will win.

  • A full house contains three cards of same digit and two more cards of a different suit with the similar digit. If players got tired, the highest ranking card series will win.

  • A direct flush contains five cards of the same suit in a sequential series. Straight cards are a series of cards with different suits but in sequential form.

The players move in a clockwise direction will play. Playing Poker online is very interesting. The rules are and have no difference. Players enjoy the online version of this game, as it gives the same gaming aura as you get while playing in a casino or somewhere in reality. There are some cards dealing rules and they are checked, bet, fold, call and raise.

There are several gaming sites which provide you a free platform to play normal poker game. But if you want to play a betting game, you will have to bet real money for that. Search for sites who have verified the license for this because scammers are also present online, they can easily fool you. So, better be careful and choose a safe online gaming site.

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