Video gaming has become the most preferred means of entertainment and the best option for the passing of time. Before some years gaming had been considered suitable only for kids and teenagers but with the invention of Android phones, it has it is very common to see a middle-aged person as well as old people enjoying its entertaining features.

Kinds of video games

• Online games:

Since the use of internet has become very common and rigid connection is available easily, therefore, people prefer to play it online as it connects the player with the world of social media (friends and relatives) and it becomes more interesting to compete with them and show the score you have earned. Many useful offers and adds are coming related to gaming continue to come which makes it quite fascinating.

• Offline games:

These kinds of games are rarely preferred as it decreases the level of amusement by removing some of the basic features which come in online games. Mostly it is played by children and a player who is practising over to be perfect and doesn’t want to disclose his scores to the other players.

• Multiplayer games:

These are available online only which allows multiple players to play along and the name of high-scorer would be shown on the top of leader-board, this features makes it really interesting and thus people remain stick to that.

Battlefield 1 Hack
Battlefield 1 Hack

Benefits of playing video games

• It makes our brain sharp as we have to compile with the situations which have been created while playing.

• It also improves the decision making power and thus the player becomes able to take quick decisions.

• As it requires a lot of concentration power to play efficiently by continuous practice one become gain a strong concentration power and ability to focus on the things better.

• It also improves our skills regarding problem-solving and strengthens the quality of handling more than one tasks at one time.

Some of the interesting and advance games which would definitely change your experience in the world of gaming.

*League of legends

*Battlefield 1 Hack

*Poker online

*Online casino games

*Over watch

*Rocket League

*Call of duty


However, playing online games has become the part of daily routine it is preferred to set a schedule for playing it otherwise it can harm you in many ways. As many innovations have been done which has completely changed its concept.

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