Solitaire games are very simple to play but involve lots of strategies in order to win the game. You may think, you can win the game easily and don’t require any strategy. But you need to understand the fact that every game looks simple at first sight but when you start playing it you get stuck in the game. There are some winning tips and tricks that you can apply to improve your game. These are:

  1. Learn the rules and regulations: To play any game perfectly, you need to be well aware of the game rules and regulations. If you know the rules well, you can apply the tips to win the game the better. It will consume just a few minutes to learn the rules but would be helpful to the later stages of the game.

  1. Move the aces and deuces: Whenever you get the aces and deuces from the stockpile, just move them to your foundation. They are the cards that will help you win the game afterward.

  1. Keep the correct order: When you start playing a solitaire game, just take out cards from the solitaire and build a winning strategy with those cards. A strategy is very important in any game. Without it, there are fewer chances of winning the game.

Solitaire Free
Solitaire Free
  1. The objective of the game: Always remember the objective of the game. You should play with a motive of getting all the cards and move them to the foundation. You can easily win the game when all your cards have been moved to the foundation.

  1. Win points: If you need to win efficiently. Just try laying all the cards in the foundation in minimal steps. The player who has used the minimum number of moves would be declared a clear winner.

  1. Build foundation sensibly: At first, you would not win much. Be calm and play the game again. You will come to know that some cards need to be kept in the stockpile as they help you build the foundation better.


These were some of the awesome tips and tricks. Use them and play the game better. There is a wide range of solitaire games available online. Choose the one that fits best with your interest! You can play solitaire free on your PC and your latest smartphones. These games also help learn real-life lessons. You will come to know this as soon as you start playing the game.

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