The Solitaire Games are just another word for fascination, excitement, and fun. This is a super cool game that you have to play with your brains for the best results. Out of the many such games that exist, it is the Klondike Solitaire that is most popular and is widely played as well. Being one a popular variety of Solitaire games you should definitely try them out, and also be aware of the general rules of how to play these types of games as well. As you continue reading you will get a better idea of about how to play solitaire games.


The usual minimum requirement for the number of players in this is generally one.


A standard deck of cards for any Solitaire games is usually 52 cards.


You need to build all four suits right from the ace to the king in separate piles and this would contribute to your win in the game if you stay well focused.

how to play solitaire
how to play solitaire


First, you have to shuffle the deck well as you set out to play these kinds of games. Each of 28 cards must be piled into decks of 7 each. This array of cards that you are creating now is often called the Tableau. Also, you will have to turn the topmost card in each pile to create 7 faces up cards. Set the remaining cards, to form a draw pile.


The four aces must be kept and played above the tableau, these are a basic of four foundations.


You will have to turn one card each from the draw pile one at a time and if the card that you wish to turn over is playable that is exactly speaking if it is either on the foundation or plateau, you are free to do so. Otherwise, you will only have the choice to add it on to the discarded pile of cards.


You will reach a certain level to win these games when you have finished being able to build four suits up right from the ace to king. This is a familiar game to everyone, and especially to those people who have a windows computer or laptop. As these games are found by default in the game folders of your systems. For a long time, these were a kind of games that was widely ignored by a large number of people, but gone are those days as these games have begun to become so popular with a huge demand as well. These are always one of the most reliable games that you can try, you will never get bored or tired of playing this, as once you start playing you will get into the gaming spirit if this.

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