Whenever we talk about wool, we started thinking about the warm clothes to be worn in winter but now the whole scenario has been changed as a lot of innovations has been done with wool as well. These fabrics include textile fiber obtained from animals like sheep that includes Cashmere, Angora, and Qiviut.

Worsted wool fabrics
Worsted wool fabrics

Different forms of wool Fabrics:

  • Tweed and Boucle Fabrics
  • Couture cotton and Linen Fabrics.
  • Luxury Cashmere.
  • Exclusive Embroidered wool.
  • Haute Couture Fabrics.


Wool is mainly used for making warm clothes but nowadays it has been used as an option for trendy and fashionable outfits which has become popular amongst both men and women. Some of the latest forms of wool are worsted wool and merino wool fabrics. These are mainly designed to give royal look to your outfit.

A brief description of the trendiest wool fabrics available

Since we are here to discuss the innovated forms of wool fabric, the first name comes which has been classified above is worsted wool, it is a high-quality type of wool yarn which is lightweight and has the coarse texture. The dressed designed with this fabric becomes the epitome of the fashion among all the people.

Men’s suiting fabrics: Suiting fabrics are always in demand especially when it comes to formal such as business wear. However, there are enormous varieties of wool available for designing them but worsted wool fabrics is considered as one of the best among all. They are easily crafted into trousers, jackets, vests, blazer and even shorts.

Women’s Fabrics: The worsted are suitable for women too as they do prefer a huge category of fabrics which provides different and trendy looks. These fabrics are created out of the highest quality possible materials such as Italian silk and precious Egyptian cotton. This fabric is mainly suitable for trendy gowns, Jump suits and also casual wear like skirt, jackets, trousers, and tops.

Is this fabric suitable for bridal collection?

Yes, these kind of wool fabrics is also used for designing bridal collections like marriage gowns and coats for the groom. As bridal fabrics are defined by solemnity, delicacy and splendor in their design, here you will all the qualities dwelled within this fabric. This is not a body warming material infact, it acts as sweat soothing and coolest among all.


It is important to keep in mind that only a lighter fabric with an attractive look is not a hallmark of a better fabric. The above-mentioned fabrics remove the thinking of most of the men and women that only light clothes are comfortable. We will find a number of online websites that deal with trendiest fabrics like this and also at affordable prices.

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