Sports betting is also a form of betting in which millions of people indulge every year. Sports betting is the activity of predicting the resulting outcome of the sports and placing a bet on it.

Sports betting is not only limited to land-based but it can also be played online. Many different sites are available which offers betting options online.

There are a lot of different sports which offers betting but not all the sports are worth betting and it is not necessary to place a bet on them.

Here are some most popular sports that you will love to bet on them 


It is also commonly known as soccer. Football is the world’s famous sport in general as well as in sports betting. It is the most common in the sports betting industry. It is played by two teams with a spherical ball. Both teams having 11 players each.

Millions of players travel to support the teams or to watch the match. To place a bet on football sport you need to update about every event and news related to football. 7m is the online website which keeps you updated with every news of football at 24*7 and offers to bet.


Cricket is the second most popular game in the world. Thus due to its popularity, it gives you the best trading opportunities. It is also played between two teams, each having 11 players. It is a bat-ball game which is played at the center of the field where teams take turns for batting and attempt to score runs.

This is the game which is widely popular for betting. A betting on cricket allows to predict and place a bet on winning team.


In the past few years, betting on tennis really become immensely popular in the world. It generates billions of pound in betting by every year. It is a game which is generally played single between two players with a hollow rubber ball.


Horse racing

Horse racing is the oldest sport on betting and this is the reason it is widely popular across the world. It is practiced from the ancient times. It is most interesting and entertaining sport in which you can bet.


Basketball is widely popular and easiest game. It is somehow like a soccer game. It is the game between two players with a ball in which players need to get the ball through a hoop. It is the easiest game to bet on.


Above description help you to choose a sport to bet on. Choose a sport which you like the most or the one which will be easier to bet on for you.

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