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Dominoqq is a traditional domino game which is played from the ancient is widely famous in Indonesia. It is a type of a card game which is now also played online in various online gambling websites. This game is also involves betting of real money.

Domino is a game which consists of 28 cards. Each card has a different value in the form of dots. The game will start with the distribution of four cards to each player that must be combined into two values. The one who has the higher sum of numbers will come out as a winner.

Each player will be given 3 cards in the first round and then bet starts or raises stakes for the fourth card.

Following winning strategies for playing domino online are –

1. Know the basic rules and tricks to raise stakes before playing domino. Know the special card that is 6 dots/sphere cards, only 4 cards are there out of 28 cards of 6 sphere.

2. Keep patience is the key factor strategy of this game. You have to control your emotions. If you don’t feel much patience you will not able to control your emotions and your opponent will take an advantage and make you lose the game.


3. Analyze your opponent and play with confidence. You should be enough confident while playing that will not let your opponents catch your emotions and make your decisions determined.

4. Play fold and take the advantage of the card is also an important strategy to win domino. If you have a small card, don’t Play game fold strategy.

If you are confident enough for your card and wanted to take the advantage, then raise your bet but be careful about the opponent’s card that might be stronger than your card.

5. You need to play tight. This is the proved strategy for domino. You need to set down the doubles and the heavier ties early because there is a chance to get the same suit value on either tie then you will get fewer opportunities to the layout so it’s better to down the doubles early.


Domino game is like a poker game. You have to always be ready for a bluff. It is easy to understand and play. You can play online with your thousands of players and win by using these strategies.

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