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7 Amazing Benefits Of Playing Computer Games

7 Amazing Benefits Of Playing Computer Games

Computer gaming is considered mere an entertainment medium but have you ever thought of its effect on our mind and how it changes our philosophy towards problems and obstacles in real life? The answer is probably ‘NO’. Here are some astonishing facts about playing computer games that may change your opinion about gaming:-

  1. Keeps your mind active

As a human being we tend to be distracted multiple times while engaging in a particular task but computer gaming keeps our mind alert for much longer than any other task or even meditation. Gaming is absolutely fun and it maintain high dopamine level for long time. It builds our mental strength of focusing our mind into other task also. You may call it a brain-exercise or just entertainment but it surely is beneficial for your mental health.

  1. Teaches you that failure isn’t final

Computer games teaches you that if you failed once, it is not the end of the world. You can restart where you left it or you can start all over again whenever you want. It is a great life lesson to learn. A simple concept of ‘trying again’ will make you master in that task and one day or another, you will win.

  1. Makes you more effective at visual task

Your ability to filter out irrelevant information and to track multiple objects simultaneously increases by playing computer games. You become better in visual task as compared to non-gamers.

  1. Gives you better instincts

Concentration is the most important requirement in computer gaming. With an active mind you build a better instinct. Gaming can increase your processing speed. You’ll enjoy your brain’s speed in real life too.

  1. Creates hunger for survival in your mind

Rules of survival hack
Rules of survival hack

Computer games like ‘Rules of survival’ are solely based on your survival strength and skill. You need to very peculiar about the Rules of survival hack at the beginning and should learn and try to follow so as to get expertise. Gaming helps you to create a sense of urgency in real life as well.

  1. Improves your memory

You may wonder how playing some computer game can improve your memory then we have a question for you. Have you ever heard conversation between two gamers and ever thought what are those cheat codes for? Exactly that’s your answer. Gamers are very good at remembering cheat codes, features and locations inside the gaming world.

  1. Enhances your multitasking skill

Gaining mastery in a game is not very easy as it seems to be. You have to practice every day just to win a game or to cross certain levels of the game. Computer gaming requires multi-tasking and coordination of mind and body.


With advanced technology, game developers are constantly trying to make these games more real and challenging as well. Computer gaming works as a mood booster and surely is beneficial for your mind but too much of anything is always harmful. These are top 7 benefits of computer gaming.

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